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Creating A FREE Cyber-Rights.Net Address

1.) Choose a username for use with your free address.

3.) Follow the instructions on the next step to create you private and public keys, these are used to allow encryption of messages. These keys are held and managed by the Hushmail system.

4.) Choose a secure passphrase. Try to include numbers and special characters. Be sure to note it down, Team Hush or Cyber-Rights.Net cannot retrieve it for you if you lose it.

5.) You have succeeded! Login and begin communicating securely with HushMail!

6.) If the username you chose is not available, the system will suggest one for you or go back and re-start the process from the site.

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Hush Frequently Asked Questions

Important Notice, please read this item as it includes important information on changes to the current service: Cyber-Rights.Net Re-launched – November 2002

See further HushMail V2 System Requirements and version 2.1 FAQ - added July 2002

See also: An overview of the process of sending a Cyber-Rights.Net Message

For further Information on HushMail.Com:

See,, and for the Hush source code.

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