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The Beginning of a Surveillance Society?
RIP Act 2000 in the UK was the first step towards the beginning of a Surveillance Society.
The DTI regulations confirm the threat to personal privacy.
The Government policy is being carried onto the international stage with the Council of Europe's Cyber-Crime Convention.
Systems like Carnivore are used in an unaccountable way by the FBI.
The possibility of foreign government interception of communications (ECHELON) is a continuing menace.

So What do we do?
Raise awareness of these issues.
Encourage the use privacy enhancing technologies for the privacy and security of your communications.
That is why we are launching the Cyber-Rights.Net project at
To give you back "your privacy" by offering you FREE secure web based e-mail.

Cyber-Rights.Net Launch - November 2000

Following the introduction of the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000, security and privacy of communications has become a real concern for Internet users in the UK. Restrictive measures for intercepting all forms of communications are also proposed by the Council of Europe and therefore concerns for private communications extend to an international stage. For raising public awareness of these important policy issues and to encourage Internet users to use secure and encrypted communications, Cyber-Rights & Cyber-Liberties (UK) decided to launch the Cyber-Rights.Net project based upon the Hushmail technology.

Both organisations are committed to the protection of private communications over the Internet. The project is fully supported by Hush Communications for an initial period of three months beginning from November 2000. During this time, any Internet user can get a free account through the website and start using secure web based e-mail.

About Cyber-Rights & Cyber-Liberties (UK)
Cyber-Rights & Cyber-Liberties (UK) (, is a non profit organisation established to protect the interests of all honest, law abiding Internet users with the aim of promoting free speech and privacy on the Internet. It was founded in 1997 and has been actively involved with the Internet policy making process of the UK government, the European Union, Council of Europe, OECD, and the United Nations.

About Hush Communications
Hush Communications Corporation is a premier provider of secure Internet communications worldwide. Hush's core technology, the Hush Encryption Engine, enables virtually unbreakable encryption that is seamless and transparent to the user, resulting in unmatched ease-of-use coupled with an exceptionally high level of security. The technology is adaptable to a wide variety of Internet communications and applications. Hush Communications Corporation is a U.S. company with subsidiary companies located in Dublin, Ireland; Salt Lake City, Utah; and Austin, Texas, and is the provider of HushMail.Com, HushMail Private Label and HushPOP, with worldwide headquarters based in Dublin, Ireland.

SoftCom Technology Consulting, Canada Cyber-Rights.Net is grateful to
SoftCom Technology Consulting, Canada
for web hosting the project.

Cyber-Rights.Net would like to thank Michael Tsekouras who developed the website on very short notice. Please contact:

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