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HushMail is the world's first, secure end-to-end, free, Web-based email service.

Who needs HushMail?

Anyone who's concerned about securely communicating online needs HushMail. Here are just a few examples of the organizations and industries that can benefit from secure online communications:

Law Firms Web Design Firms Universities
Affinity Groups Online Catalogues Portals
Healthcare Providers Research & Development E-commerce Companies
Government & Military Agencies Security Sensitive Businesses Informative & Interactive Sites

The Problem With Unsafe Email?

Email is no longer just a way to send memos at work or birthday wishes to your Mom.Email is increasingly how we do business, bank, make consumer choices, read the news, and communicate with the world. Many Internet users assume that the information transmitted is as secure as a letter or as private as a conversation between two people.

All electronic messages are sent through a vast system of routers and servers. Some transmissions travel as far as the satellites that orbit the Earth. At points along this path, email messages can be stored, digital signatures logged, and the contents of your private conversations and business transactions can potentially be retrieved, read, and used.

Every time you send email, you are putting your messages, privacy, and trust into the hands of numerous nameless, faceless individuals and organizations with no guidelines or concern for your privacy or security.

HushMail keeps your online communications private and secure. When you sign up for a HushMail account, you'll be able to speak to any other Hush member you choose, anywhere in the world without fear of unauthorized access to your messages or your HushMail account.

How Does Hush Do It?

HushMail uses powerful encryption technology to secure email. Encryption is a mathematical mechanism designed to protect sensitive information. Encryption works by scrambling and encoding information so that the selected recipient(s)are the only parties that can read the message.

HushMail provides transparent key management. HushMail is the first Web-based email service that exchanges the electronic keys necessary to encrypt and decrypt messages for Hush users automatically. Other services require that users manually exchange keys. With HushMail, you won't have to find a secure phone line, exchange long strings of numbers, or figure out how to download and upload messages from a "secure" server. Hush users are free to exchange messages securely without the confusing, time consuming extra steps required by other secure messaging services.

Begin Speaking Freely Today

HushMail is efficient and easy to use no matter what your level of computer skill might be. All you need is a computer with an Internet connection and a current Web-browser. The next step is to sign up for an address, create a passphrase, and login to your free, HushMail account. You'll be able to securely communicate immediately with other Hush users, and will be able to access your HushMail account from all over the world.

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